Who are we?

Our mission

European manufacture within promotional items' reach


As former promotional products resellers ourselves, we perfectly integrate the stakes and ever-increasing expectations of your customers.
With more than ten years of experience in this market, we know and master its constraints and obligations.

  • Perfect knowledge of the promotional industry
  • Appropriate response to customer requirements

More and more advertisers are now including sustainable purchasing into their CSR policy, valuing local sources.
European production allows them to deal with both social and environmental concerns.

  • Major reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Certified social conditions

Eurofacto was born out of the frustration of not being able to answer these increasingly frequent requests. Hours spent trying to source a product from reliable suppliers, or working on a presentation of alternative solutions that will not find the expected attention.

  • A single point of contact from quote to delivery
  • A database of more than 200 EU manufacturers

Advertisers quotes

We have all heard it at least once.

And wrote down this demand after a brief I will come back to you shortly, knowing we probably won't be able to offer such a thing...
Eurofacto now allows you to answer these requests.
In less than 10 minutes.

This year, we would like to offer our members an original and 100% French made cosmetic item.

Malik O.

Client from the non-profit sector

We seek to develop within two months a range of tools in our image and of proven quality.

Sarah V.

Product Manager – DIY store chain

Afin de souhaiter la bienvenue à nos nouveaux administrés, nous souhaiterions proposer une batterie d’accessoires de cuisine en bois certifiés FSC.

Julie P.

Buyer – Town hall of a large urban area

To mark the occasion at our end-of-year celebration, we voted for a fullcolor printed bow tie.

Vincent R.

Head of major student association - Business school

With a long experience of European sourcing, we have been able over the years to establish a partnership of trust with historical factories with recognized know-how.

The eurofacto guarantee

The Europe advantage

Local manufacturing has many advantages. Often out of technical or financial reach, Eurofacto now gives you access to new solutions while controlling your budget.


High productino standards


Short lead times and controlled transport


Present and responsive after-sales service


Favorable working conditions


High performance facilities


Respectful products